What Will Apple Call the 4G iPhone 5?

Yes folks, its name that iPhone time again. As you are probably aware at some point next year Apple will release the next generation iPhone to the iPhone faithful, but will the new device be 4G enabled and will it be called simply the iPhone 5?

According to an article over on Beat Week, Apple’s fifth generation smartphone will be called the iPhone 5, logically because the fourth generation one is called the iPhone 4, even though it uses the 3G network and isn’t 4G enabled.

But no doubt if Apple goes with 4G for the next iPhone then they are going to want to make that point stand out, something iPhone 5 doesn’t do, and if Apple goes with something like iPhone 4G or iPhone 4S it still doesn’t actually cut the mustard in getting that the device is a whole new ballgame being 4G enabled.

So it is quite possibly that Apple will need to re-hit the drawing board when it comes to naming the next generation 4G toting iPhone rather than just opting for iPhone 5. So with this in mind we’d like to ask our readers what they think Apple will name the 4G enabled iPhone, and ask that you leave your suggestions in our comments area below…many thanks.


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