Apple iPhone to Gain Ben the Bodyguard App

Sounds quite a strange name for an iOS application doesn’t it, but when you consider the app apparently protects your iPhone data then Ben the Bodyguard seems apt for the app which will apparently be available in January 2011.

According to an article over on Phone Arena, Ben the Bodyguard app for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch will protect your iPhone data such as videos, texts and pictures from falling into the wrong hands although the makers of the app don’t actually say how they will keep your data safe.

One can presume judging by the app’s website called of course Ben the Bodyguard, they are a website which will encrypt a user’s data and probably protect it by means of a remote wipe, and if you’re interested in finding out more you can of course sign up for info updates by entering your email address at their website.

Ben the Bodyguard for the iPhone and iPod Touch is due release sometime next month, but any other info is currently unavailable such as exactly how the app will protect your data and what asking price the app will command.

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