Nokia N8 Remote Car Racing and Artistic Sketching Videos

Now if you own a Nokia N8 smartphone and not always caught up making movies with your Symbian^3 device there are a few move things you can do with the Nokia N8, a couple of which we have in the form of videos for your entertainment below.

Thus far we’ve seen how good the Nokia N8 is at shooting movies with The Commuter, so how about using the device to remotely control a couple of toy F1 cars and also using the device to sketch a picture onto a large display.

Well that’s what we have in these two videos courtesy of Jay Montano over at My Nokia Blog and by way of Ads of China, the first video has a couple of guys racing toy cars round a makeshift racetrack using the Nokia N8 as a remote control, while the second video has an artist sketching to a large display while people look on in awe.

Oh and apparently both videos where shot not by a Nokia N8 but by its sister smartphone the Nokia C7, so head on down, mask those play buttons, sit back and enjoy.

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