doubleTwist Android AirSync and Player Apps: Readers Review

Today is the day when we ask all Android users to step forward and have your say about doubleTwist Android apps, we would like you to send in your personal review on either the doubleTwist Player or doubleTwist AirSync.

Just a quick recap on both of these apps just in case you have not installed them yet, once you have then you can let us know what you think. Your input is very important to us and of course all other dedicated readers on this site.

doubleTwist AirSync allows you to sync iTunes music playlists, photos and videos over a WiFi network at home securely, other features include auto-import of photos and videos that you have taken at home via your mobile phone straight onto your Mac or PC, this app also comes with large widget and secure pairing with the desktop using passcode, you can upgrade right now for only $1.99 until the next release, the normal price will be ($4.99).

doubleTwist AirSync

Now we move onto doubleTwist Player, this is all about music and main features include: Lock screen controls, Landscape mode, Support for doubleTwist AirSync (wireless sync), this all-in-one music/radio/video application also includes the ability to find all your devices syncs music and video using the free doubleTwist app on Mac/PC, you can import iTunes music playlists, play counts and music ratings etc.

doubleTwist Player

If you have not installed either of these Android Apps please do so by clicking the following: doubleTwist AirSync or doubleTwist Player.

Source – doubleTwist

Once again, if you have these on your devices please do send in your personal review as this will let other readers decide if they should use or not. Thanks

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