Verizon iPhone: Apple Cuts Deal to Threaten T-Mobile & Sprint

Thinking about switching to AT&T to get your hands on the iPhone in the U.S? Well don’t because Apparently Apple has cut an amazing deal with Verizon for the iPhone.

Verizon are very eager indeed to get their hands on the smartphone and so much so they want to keep it away from T-Mobile and Sprint, Fortune has reported that new reports were issued to clients on Monday by Kaufman Bros.’ Shaw Wu’ and that Apple got the stunning terms that they wanted from Verizon for the new iPhone set to release in 2011.

Wu Says “This is important,” he writes, “as many, including ourselves, have been concerned that VZ iPhone economics could be less favorable given the strength of Android and higher cost of components, particularly those associated with CDMA.”

Apparently Verizon does not want the likes of T-Mobile and Sprint getting its hands on the iPhone and that they are willing to pay for exclusivity like AT&T so that this does not happen.

We will bring you more information about the Verizon iPhone and news surrounding it as soon as we hear more, in the meantime please do have your say in the comments area provided below. Thanks


2 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone: Apple Cuts Deal to Threaten T-Mobile & Sprint”

  1. jjceo says:

    AT&T shot itself in the foot by stopping the offer of the unlimited data plan. I was ready to buy two Iphones and a family plan and now I will not do it. Why should I pay $25 for a 2 GB data plan when millions have the unlimted plan for $30. AT&T simply opened the door for Verizon, Sprint and others to eat their lunch when the come out with an Iphone as long as the newcomers offer unlimited plans for $30 like they do now.

    This was a major blunder by AT&T as it froze 100,000's of potential customers from changing to them when their existing contracts ran out from other providers!

  2. cadi390 says:

    I would hope that Apple realizes the situation they are in now and not go exclusive with Verizon. There's more money to be made across all carriers as apposed to the "big red" alone. C'mon Steve Jobs, I know you're much wiser than this rumor suggests.

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