iPhone Accessories: MiLi Power Projector HI-P60

If you own an iPhone then you are going to need to charge the handset from time to time, but why settle for just a straight forward iPhone charger when you could opt to use a dock that will not only charge your iPhone but also change into a handy projector.

This is where the MiLi Power Projector HI-P60 comes into play, the Power Projector enables the iPhone owner to show images and video onto a wall, and is easy to fine tune the quality and focal distance by using the device’s touchpad.

The MiLi Power Projector for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod Classic can project a screen size of 5 to 70 inches with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, with 10 Lumins brightness, and features a speaker which has been design to deliver crisp and clear audio.

The MiLi Power Projector HI-P60 will also charge your iPhone as well as simultaneously syncing to iTunes and commands a price tag of £218.00 and is available to purchase from Powerskin.

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