Nook Color eBook Reader by Barnes & Noble Price

Seems like everyone is raving about the new Nook Color eBook Reader by Barnes & Noble, so we thought we would have a look around and see where you can buy one right now.

You can buy this eBook tablet for only $314.79 via Blue Proton and including in this price you will also get a SanDisk 1GB microSD Card, this model is WiFi Only. You can now bring your reading out in the open with superb VividView and Color Touchscreen.

Main features Include: Backlit display uses more than 16-million colors, use day or night, 8GB of built-in memory, can hold up to 6,000 books, or a mix of 10 newspapers, 150 photos, 1,000 books, 25 full-color magazines, 500 songs and 50 kids’ books.

If you are worried about losing your books on the tablet reader do not worry because all books are safe because they are stored and they can be downloaded anytime, anywhere, just use free NOOK apps.

You can read books but you can also check emails, search Google or your best blog (Like us) and surf the web, you have NOOKextras like Pandora Internet radio, Chess or Sudoku and so much more. There are over 2 million titles at your fingertips and then some.

Please let us know what you think of the Nook Color eBook Reader by Barnes & Noble, if you already have one please do send in your personal reviews.


One thought on “Nook Color eBook Reader by Barnes & Noble Price”

  1. Bill says:

    After looking at Kindle, Ipad and Noonk Color, I decided on the Nook Color. It's kind of a halfway point between the knidle and ipad. I love the Nook Color.
    I can read books and listen to music as the same time(yes, I can do it). Surfing is a little tough because of the small screen. No Java so I couldn't get into my office system. Also couldn't get into Outlook Web Access.
    A couple of gripes aside from the annoyances above: Old Adnroid OS. No apps store. I've heard there will be an upgrade in the first quarter of 2011. We'll see. When you run multiple apps, say Pandora and ereader, there's really no way to close out of Pandora short. You can't just "X" out of it. I found this out when I found myself with a dead battery.
    I've read that page turns are slow. Not true. They are fast enough. The sensitivity is such that it's actually easy to accidentally brush against the screen and have the page turn or a context menu pop up.
    A little heavier than the Kindle, but not too bad. Muuch lighter than the Ipad.
    Lots and lots more than just an ereader at a good price point. A solid software/firmware upgrade would be welcome. Over great device.

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