QWOP Game Play Coming to iPhone: How To Strategy

For all those out there that wishes to play with one of the most addictive games on the Web let us welcome you to the world of QWOP, this Flash game has been out for a while now but is taking the world by storm. Good news is, it is coming to the Apple iPhone soon.

We visited foddy.net and you can see underneath the game that they are currently working on a sequel for the Apple iPhone; of course we will let you know as soon as it has been released.

Ok so what it QWOP? Well in a nutshell you are an athlete on a running track where your muscles are not what they are supposed to be, you have to control the thighs and calves to make the runner get to the finish line. The athlete’s muscles are basically like jelly and you run like some pure drunk man.

How To Play QWOP: This is fairly simple really, you have to run 100 meters in an Olympic Games by using four buttons that are Q, W, O and P (Self Explanatory Really). Please read a review of this game over at Tech Pinger, if you wish to know how to play QWOP then we suggest you head on over to 11news.us

We took a quick peek over on Yahoo Answers and they have this tip: Tap O to start him leaning forward. When he’s got a bit of forward momentum, hold P and Q together to make him take his first step. When his front foot is coming down, change to pressing O and W together to make him take his second step. Keep repeating, but try to time it so he stays leaning slightly forward.

Please do watch the two YouTube videos provided below, we would love to know if you have played QWOP yet. If you have played this game please do use the comments area below and give us your personal review.

UPDATE: The new iPhone version of this game is nearly finished.


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