Why You May Hate Google Nexus S: Top 6 Reasons

So we finally know the full specs for Google’s latest Android smartphone, the Android 2.3 Gingerbread sporting Nexus S, but with the next generation Nexus there aren’t that many advantages over its predecessor the Google Nexus One.

And Scott Webster over at Cnet has pointed out six reasons why a customer may actually hate the Google Nexus S. he had hoped the Nexus S would be on par with the Samsung Galaxy S range of devices but now he’s not that convinced.

So what are those six hate reasons with the Google Nexus S? Well firstly there’s the lack of microSD expansion, the Nexus S sports 16GB which is usually enough for the average user, but without micorSD expansion the device doesn’t actually give the user the choice, while as with most other Android smartphone they come with microSD slot.

Then there’s the lack of LED notifications which Android users rely on so they are informed of missed calls and new texts and emails, and the lack of LED notification seems to take away from what other Android smartphone already offer making users kind of step back in time and have to manually check for messages.

Then comes the camera, the Google Nexus S sports a 5 megapixel camera similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S, but one would have though Google could have gone further in the camera department and upped the megapixels to an 8 MP snapper, but then again of course they could have opted for an even less camera so better count ourselves lucky.

Next up is the lack of HDMI out/ DLNA, which has become quite popular during this year and everyone would love to be able to run out HD videos to their large screen TV but not with the Nexus S so sharing those videos with friends over your TV isn’t an option as it is with other devices.

Then you just may hate the fact that the Nexus S sports a single-core processor when the future is obviously with the dual-core processor, and we’ll be seeing the Tegra 2 smartphone hitting the mobile space sometime in 2011 and as Samsung back in the summer unveiled their Orion processor perhaps Google should have waiting for this to be placed in the Nexus S, too late now though.

Finally the other gripe with the Nexus S is the lack of 4G or HSPA+ support, the way ahead in the mobile space is obviously 4G and pushing out a device that doesn’t support it is obviously not going to be up there with the devices that can surf 4G waves, and as the Nexus S is optimised for T-Mobile one would have presumed it would have come with HSPA+ support and not be confined to just 3G.

So there it is the top 6 hate reasons of the Google Nexus S, but do you know of a secret 7th? If so feel free to let us know by posting us a comment. Who knows, you may just hate the Google Samsung Nexus S simply because you adore your Apple iPhone and will simply never part with Apple’s darling device to become one of the Android faithful.


10 thoughts on “Why You May Hate Google Nexus S: Top 6 Reasons”

  1. kenny says:

    Check the tech specs on Google site for the nexus s. It does support hspa! The only real problem I see with your non supported rant ( from someone else no less) is the lack if the duel processor.

    1. Paul says:

      hspa = 3G
      hspa+ = 4G
      The Nexus S is a 3G phone

      Compared to the Nexus one this phone sounds like a disappointment.
      1. No microSD
      2. Same HSDPA speed
      3. Camera has same pixels as previous version
      4. Gingerbread sounds nice but I'll get that anyways on my Nexus one – so not much of an upgrade

      The only benefit is an upgraded processor and the second camera in front – not really worth the price or loss of the microSD and LED

  2. theHotHead says:

    Am I the only person who doesn't care that there isn't a MicroSD slot ? I don't care that the camera is 5MP ! People seem to think more megapixels = better quality photos, that is absolute hogwash ! Explain how then a 2MP digital camera takes far better pictures than a 5MP camera phone !

    16Gb is more than enough storage for me, I have 8Gb on my Satio and thats adequate … so 16Gb for most people would be fine.

  3. wes c says:

    trust me the LED indicator is a big deal. once you have it, you can't go back. that blinking light, RGB color tells me everything. call, sms, mms, email, chat, its awesome

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