Why is Google Nexus S Missing microSD and LED Notifications?

The new powerful Google Nexus S smartphone is without a doubt a very nice looking handset and the specs are very good indeed, but as always where there are positives there are always negatives.

Sorry to put a downer on a phone before it has released but we thought we would let you know how it is, well to tell you the truth it is Android Police saying how it is. There are a few things missing from the Google Samsung Nexus S and they include microSD and LED Notifications.

The Google Nexus S does not come with any external memory slots what so ever, not even a microSD slot nor does it come with LED Notifications. Hey Google you might as well take away the camera and the speaker and ah what the heck take the speaker as well (Only joking folks).

Even though the Nexus S device is missing LED Notifications you can however use the NoLed app, this is a cool application that uses the display screen as the notify.

If you would like to read a very good Google Nexus S by Samsung review then please head on over to Cnet as they have in-depth details, you can check out where to buy from here and also the price details can be seen here. For full specifications we suggest visiting GSM Arena, please do come back though as we love having you around. Please do watch a few videos here also

So, Why is the Google Nexus S Missing microSD and LED Notifications?

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