Motorola Droid X Update (Not Gingerbread): Madden 2011

Great news for those of you that have in your possession a Droid X as according to a recent article over at ubergizmo.com via droid-life.com you will be receiving a rather significant update.

The update is said to bump your system into version 2.3.340 although with some disappointment it must be said this is apparently not the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update as the system versions and Android versions are different.

The update is expected to include Madden 2011 which is something that many of us Android users out there have been anticipating for a while now.

The update is expected to include bug fixes, exchange support and is to be about 79MB although at present a lot of this is speculation. We will of course update with any further information as and when we get it. Now over to you, what is your opinion would you have preferred the Gingerbread update or not?

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