HTC EVO 4G, Wildfire & Eris Gingerbread ROM Love

As we all are fully aware there are always doubts and speculation when it comes to as and when a phone maker will actually get around to delivering their much promised updates.

This time we are referring to the said deliver of Android 2.3 which is according to a recent article over at engadget.com via briefmobile expected to arrive for HTC in March or June for Samsung owners.

Sadly you have a long wait if you happen to own a Sony Ericsson as that is expected not to arrive until 2017. Having said that though the community of the Smartphone development doesn’t work that slowly.

The chaps that actually build the custom ROMS have apparently already begun work on delivering to those lucky owners of HTC EVO 4G the Droid Eris and also HTC Wildfire. It is warned that you should only actually install these ROMS if you intend on making a contribution to the development process.

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