Apple iPhone 4 is Now Prehistoric: T-Rex Tooth Madness

Now for those of you that just don’t know what to spend your hard earned cash on at the moment with the festivities creeping up on us, how about some T Rex Madness?

If you have a spare $62,700 ready and waiting for you to spend on your very next smartphone then here is something thanks to the guys over at inquisitr.com via ohgizmo that may or may not be something that will interest you.

The History edition which is by Stuart Hughes is just simply quite out of this world, coming with some really awesome features not to be sniffed at.

To start with we have an amazing 8.5ct of internally flawless diamonds which attractively surround the bezel of the extravagant device although also covering the Apple logo on the reverse of the iPhone.

There are just 10 of these special edition phones available so the chances of you getting hold of one are pretty slim with the battery cover which is made from T Rex Tooth mixed with a meteorite of fragments.

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