Apple iPhone 3GS Best Buy One Day Giveaway

Heads up potential newcomers to the Apple iPhone owning space, as if you are of a mind to purchase an iPhone 3GS this festive season you just might like to know about a special one day only offer the Best Buy guys have come up with on the iPhone 3GS.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac and by way of the guys over at the Boy Genius Report, Friday the 10th of December which is tomorrow, may be your lucky day for picking up an iPhone 3GS free of charge and lets face it there’s no better price than no price at all, right?

So the special offer of a free iPhone 3GS is from Best Buy and is running for just one day and will be available to qualified upgrade customers, new lines and additional lines, and apparently the BGR guys have said…”We’ve been told that all the stores have inventory levels to support the promotion, and it’s an instant rebate type deal.”

Now I know that the iPhone 3GS is somewhat of an old smartphone when compared to the iPhone 4, but the 3GS is still a damn good device and having the opportunity to grab one for free has got to be one sweet deal especially at this time of year.

Of course the other possibility is that Apple is trying to push out stocks of the iPhone 3GS to make way for that Verizon iPhone which is rumoured to see release sometime early 2011, possibly in February as reported (here), of course that is pure speculation and maybe Best Buy just wants to make some shelf space for other products or just simply fancies playing Santa this Christmas.

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