Nokia N8 C7 E5 Skype Client Released

For the Nokia faithful that owns a Nokia N8, Nokia C7 or Nokia E5 smartphone you can now get in on some mobile Skype action as Skype has now released an updated version of their Skype client for the N8, C7 and E5 devices.

According to an article over on PC World by Mikael Ricknäs, by way of the Skype Blog, the new release delivers better voice quality due to adding Skype’s SILK audio codec which is used to translate voice signals into digital to send over a data network.

With this latest version of Skype users can initiate free Skype to Skype calls over 3G or WiFi but although call are free user’s will be required to pay for their mobile data connection and Skype recommends an unlimited data plan option.

Skype mobile can be used on a multitude of smartphones including Android handsets and the iPhone, although owners of the Samsung Galaxy S device will be required to upgrade to Android 2.2 for the Skype client to work.

Skype has apparently updated the interface with the new client to make it easier for the user to navigate, add contacts and add an image to their profile, and the new version of Skype can be downloaded by hitting up the Skype website via their smartphone.

Personally I’m not a user of Skype mobile but I’m sure there are many people who do use it, so we’d like to find our just how many of our readers actually use Skype mobile on their smartphone, so feel free to let us know by posting to our comments area below…thanks.


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