Verizon Chops Daily Prepaid Voice Plan Pricing

In what could be a bid to stem prepaid customer losses along with addressing mounting competition within the mobile arena, the largest carrier in the United States, Verizon Wireless has chopped their prepaid voice plan price by half.

According to an article over on Fierce Wireless by Mike Dano, the Big Red’s website now shows that the charge for their daily prepaid wireless service is at $1.99 a day, whereas previously the same daily prepaid service was charged at $3.99 a day.

Although apparently Verizon has upped the charge for sending text messages by prepaid daily plan subscribers up from 1 cent to two cents, which could be a move to balance lowing the loss from cutting the daily prepaid voice plan charge.

According to the article, Current Analysis’s Maidy Whitesell wrote…”The new plan portfolio was simplified and I think it’s a direct response to AT&T’s plan enhancement done in October. The fact that it (Verizon) restricts its available handsets with its daily plans is a clear indication that it’s preventing any possible cannibalization from customers in higher-end plans. Overall, I think the move is positive because the carrier wants to be competitive in the prepaid arena, but it does not seem that it’s ready to compete in terms of pricing, at least not yet.”

With Verizon cutting prepaid pricing it brings their prepaid pricing options a tad closer to that offered by rival carrier AT&T which charge their GoPhone prepaid customers 2 bucks a day for which they get unlimited text and talk.

Verizon also offers a prepaid daily plan which costs 99 cents for which customers receive unlimited calling on mobile to mobile along with additional minutes at a cost of 10 cents each and there is also a 25 cents a minute option.

So what do our readers think of this reduction in prepaid pricing from Verizon Wireless, does it make you want to switch your prepaid plan to the carrier from the one you’re on now? Or do you know of a much better prepaid price plan on another carrier, if so feel free to shout out in our comments area below.

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