Apple iPad Most Searched for Consumer Gizmo

Yep that’s right folks apparently as the title says Apple darling tablet, the Apple iPad grabbed a firm hold of the top position in the consumer electronics category of Google’s annual zeitegeist report which shows the most searched items over the year.

According to an article over on My Nokia Blog by Jay Montano, and by way of Mashable, the Nokia 5530 came in 3rd position while the Nokia N900 managed to grab 5th position; however the Apple iPhone 4 wasn’t left out obviously and took 2nd place giving Apple the top two slots.

In 4th position sitting neatly between those Nokia handsets was the HTC EVO 4G smartphone. The 3 fastest rising search terms during 2010 where Chatroulette, the Apple iPad and music icon Justin Bieber while Twitter came in at number 8 and Facebook came in tenth.

To be quite honest it isn’t that surprising that Apple grabbed the 2 top slots, what would have been more surprising is if the fruity named company hadn’t have made the list at all.

And if you are into checking out just how the online world searched throughout 2010 we have a video from Google for your viewing consumption below that gives the highlights of this years searches and makes interesting viewing just as a reminder of what went on in 2010, so head on down and check it out…enjoy.

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