Google Nexus S Lovingly Handled on Video

So the biggest gadget out of Google is the upcoming Samsung built Android 2.3 Gingerbread toting Nexus S smartphone, but although we’ve head the rumours of Nexus S specs and even see a few long shot videos and pictures of the device, we haven’t yet see a hands-on.

Well that’s sorted out today as we have a hands-on with the Google Nexus S smartphone for your viewing pleasure courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile which delivers almost two and a half minutes of up close and personal with the Nexus S performed by the Slash Gear guys.

Slash Gear says the Nexus S is obviously a Samsung device as it is so close to the design of the Samsung Galaxy S, although the 3.5mm jack is at the bottom of the Nexus S rather than the top like the Galaxy S. Although the design of the Nexus S is “eye catching” what they were really impressed with is the speed of the handset and there’s no delay with apps, menus, home screen panes and such.

They do say though the Nexus S is evolutionary and not revolutionary and that the NFC feature is “tricky to judge” at this stage of the game, but they say that “Samsung’s Super AMOLED is, as usual, mightily impressive,” something Russian Nexus S hopefuls will have to go without, as reported (here).

Of course if you’d like to check out the full on review along with numerous images you can do so by hitting up the Slashgear website or you can just skip on down to that hands-on video.

So for all you Nexus S wannabee hopefuls out there, head on down and check out the Nexus S up close footage, and feel free to let us know whether the Nexus S is your next darling device or whether you’ll be giving Google’s latest gizmo a miss…enjoy.

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