BT launches Apps to Aid Business Conferencing

To aid in the area of audio conferencing meetings whilst on the go or in the office, BT Conferencing in a venture with business conferencing firm Ring2 have launched three new apps which will provided a chair person with better security, control and visibility over BT MeetMe meeting either from a computer or a smartphone.

According to an article over on Avinteractive by Paul Milligan, the 3 new applications that utilise Ring2 Conferencing Management Solution are BT MeetMe Mobile Controller, BT MeetMe Desktop Controller and BT MeetMe Add-in for Outlook.

So what are these apps all about? Let’s start off with BT MeetMe Add-in for Outlook…this application enables a user to plan conference calls via Outlook email and this is accomplished by placing MT MeetMe dial-in numbers along with the participant pass-code.

Next the BT MeetMe Mobile Controller allows the user control and manage audio conferencing via Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices or RIM BlackBerry handset although Android based devices and the Apple iPhone version will become available later in the year.

BT MeetMe Mobile Controller sends an alert on the smartphone when the first person joins a call to the chairperson which prompts them to either monitor or join in the call, and whilst in a conference call the application turns the mobile device into a “remote control,” enabling the chair to mute, add or remove any participant.

Lastly the BT MeetMe Desktop Controller is an app that’s available from any flash enabled browser and basically delivers the same services as its mobile counterpart.

Thus if you are a business that uses BT MeetMe conferencing you can download the applications to your device by visiting the BT Conferencing website.


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