iOS Cut The Rope Festive Flavour Version Coming

Not too long ago the popular mobile game for iOS devices, Cut the Rope received an update which delivers numerous new features, but it looks like Cut the Rope is taking a leaf out of Rovio’s Angry Birds book when it comes to releasing new versions with a festive flavour.

According to an article over on TiPb by Allyson Kazmucha, Chillingo and Zepto Lab is preparing to release a new version of Cut the Rope on the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad fans in time for Christmas called Cut the Rope Holiday Gift.

So what will Cut the Rope Holiday Gift for iOS devices bring apart from a festive flavour? Well according to the guys over on Joystiq, Cut the Rope Holiday Gift will feature 25 Christmas themes levels for gamers to conquer, and will feature something called “Christmas Sock” which enables gamers to teleport candy from sock to sock.

With Cut the Rope Holiday Gift the app won’t be an upgrade though but rather a standalone game however apparently gamers needn’t fret as Cut the Rope Holiday Gift will be a free game when it hits the App Store sometime later this month.

What do iOS gamers think of Cut the Rope anyway, is it a better or a more addictive mobile game than rival multi-platform game Angry Birds, would you rather play Cut the Rope or Angry Birds? Feel free to let us know by dropping us a comment.

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