iPad 2 Release & Specs: Case Shows Rear-Camera, Card Slot

It is that time again when we all speculated about the new Apple iPad 2; well this time round it’s about the new case for the smart tablet that has shown up all over the web.

A few images have shown up online with a few details to boot that should excite a few of you, do not go anywhere because we will let you know about these new specs and features fairly soon. There are a few images as said and the first one is from Shenzhen MacTop Electronics via iLounge and they are clearly showing a rear-facing camera and at the bottom of the case you can see a cut out, which is going to be the SD card slot if I had to guess.

Everyone is expecting to see a front-facing camera as well but this is something we will have to wait on for release to see if all will become reality, it is ok looking at these photos here but even a rear-facing camera judging on these cases will never be true unless made official by Apple themselves so please take all leaked photos and information with a pinch of salt.

The case features an opening on the side of the case and this is presumably for the volume rocker and mute switch, at the bottom centre the opening is quite large and we are guessing they are sticking with 30-pin dock connecter and not USB.

Thanks to MacRumors they have a few photos and found one via PowerBook Medics, the photos below show three silicone iPad cases in black, blue and red and these also have a hole at the back guessing for the rear camera, cut-out at the bottom of the case where the speaker would normally be and basically other slots like the above.

Please do watch the video below and let us know what you think, the video is showing of a few Crystal Case’s. Hopefully if these cases are the real deal then that means we will be blessed with a few features that would be most welcomed with open arms.

Suspected specs coming to the Apple iPad 2 suggest Retina display, well if you read our other article here and here you will see that the iPad 2 is not going to get Retina or AMOLED screens. It is looking more like the iPad 2 is going to feature a rear-facing camera, which should bring FaceTime love. Would be nice to see USB connection and 3-axis gyroscope. Of course we will keep you updated when more features surface online.

The new Apple iPad is expected to release by the end of February 2011 and ComputerWorld suggests that it will be a valentines day massacre, if you have anything you would like to say please do so in the commenting area provided below. Thanks

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