iTunes: Buy X Factor Winner Matt Cardle When We Collide

Matt Cardle won X Factor 2010 and now his new single called ‘When We Collide’ is ready to download via iTunes for iOS devices.

The new single is actually a cover version of Biffy Clyro, Matt Cardle is cover their song that is normally called ‘Many of Horror’, the new re-titled song is Matt’s new Christmas single that should sell by the millions.

If you visit iTunes right now you can download for only 99p and this gives you the new single When We Collide and the Matt Cardle Audio Message.

There are many X Factor fans out there that thought Rebecca should win this year and we want to hear from you, do you think Matt deserved to win or did you want Rebecca?

Got to admit this year was a very hard year because in my eyes the top 3 contestants Matt, Rebecca and One Direction were all equally amazing and no matter who one they all will do very well indeed and make it into the charts. Please do post all your comments below and let us know if you will buy the Matt Cardle When We Collide single.


3 thoughts on “iTunes: Buy X Factor Winner Matt Cardle When We Collide”

  1. Anna Margaret says:

    Matt is just an ordiary guy that will get the deal and disappear within two years. Rebecca is a DIVA natural like no other in the UK. She does not need to work hard, its her simplicity humbleness, does not have to sing her guts out she has a natural voice. Probably Essex made a territorial effort and worked but my support remains with her, we has the potential to be Whitney Houston, Miriah Carey level.

    1. alison bates says:

      your talking out your…. Matt will be around for a very long time to come. My 10 year old and my 12 year old one off each sex both voted for Matt lots, when i would off thought there would have gone for cher Lloyd or one direction Think your statement is total y wrong,

  2. Becks says:

    I wanted Matt to win from the start, he sang all different songs genres in many different ways and made them his own and you could feel the emotion in his voice when he sang too. I felt with Rebecca, she is a wonderful soulful singer but that’s all she sang like even when she did upbeat tempo songs, it seemed like she didn’t enjoy doing them, but if she had a bit more fun with those songs maybe she would have won. I did think all three of the remaining acts deserved to win, it was a hard choice, but I just felt Matt had the edge. I do think they will all go somewhere though and congrats to all of them 🙂

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