Nokia E71 Software Update: New Music Player, Ovi Maps & More

There is a new software update for the Nokia E71, the new 500.21.009/501.21.001 release is now ready for you to download and say it is worth doings so because it comes with some good features.

The new software release can be downloaded form the Nokia Software Updater and features a new version of music player, new OVI Maps 3.0.3 Lite with free navigation, Office 2007 support, new version of Ovi Store and Usability and performance improvements.

This update is not to be missed, if you have already installed onto your Nokia E71 mobile phone please do let us know how it went, if you had any problems at all we would love to hear from you.

We want to hear from all those that owns the Nokia E71, we would love for you to let us and our readers know what you think about the handset itself, what is the phone like overall? What is the software like? What problems have you encountered so far? Basically anything you know about this mobile phone, please do share in the comments area below. Thanks

Source — 3G UK


6 thoughts on “Nokia E71 Software Update: New Music Player, Ovi Maps & More”

  1. h4gster says:

    tried to update but won't so still stuck on 4.10 which bites the big one. Its upgrade time and I think it might be time for new handset provider rather being hacked of with these kind of niggles.

  2. K. Muni Kumar says:

    I am using the Nokia e71 mobile from last one year. But some few dates to till my music player doesn’t work at this movement. i.e. it cann’t recognize the mp3 files in my memory card.  reply me what is the reason.

  3. Snjvreddy Lovelyboy says:

    my version is 300.—- when i connected to nokia suote it says no update..how can i update to 500.— version??pls help me

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