Acai Berry Attacking Phones Review: Spamming At It’s Best

We are calling out to all fellow site owners who have been attacked by Acai Berry advertisements, we check our comments many times during the day and always seem to get bombarded with comments via acainews.

Not only are we getting caught up in this spamming attack big boys like Mashable is reporting news of the Twitter attack and that it is spreading like wildfire, this is a new attack advertising acai berries like we are getting in our comments section has made its way to thousands of Twitter accounts and made them look like spammers.

This is getting so bad that within one minute according to Mashable more than 10,000 tweets related to such attack; it is recommended that you DO NOT click on any links with acainews in the URL.

If your Twitter account has been at the front of this attack then it is suggested you change your Twitter account password.

Mashable posted an update to its article saying that Twitter’s Del Harvey mentioning it is likely to be related to a recent attack against Gawker that compromised 1.3 million commenter accounts (Us included).

Normally within the comments section of phonesreview.co.uk we would click the spam button for deletion but they still seem to get through, most of the problem seems to be within our ‘Problems’ section and not the news section, seems like they only target certain areas within your site.

We are asking all fellow site owners to come forward and let us know if you are having the same problems, your comments (Real Ones) are important to us.

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