New iPhone LCD Factory Being Built by Toshiba

Apple’s iconic iPhone is big business and obviously Apple is going to continue to churn out new iPhone handsets next year such as the rumoured Verizon iPhone, white iPhone 4, and the iPhone 5 and those iPhone units will of course need an LCD display.

Thus according to an article over on TiPb by Andrew Wray, Reuters is reporting that Toshiba Corps will construct a large new factory in Ishikawa, Japan with a view to producing LDC displays for the Apple iPhone.

Apparently according to the Nikkie business daily, Toshiba Corps will be shelling out roughly 100 billion yen which is about $1.19 billion to build the new plant which will start early next year.

Production of LCD displays at the new plant will begin in the 2nd half of 2011 and will produce and estimated 17 million LCD’s for the iPhone. Apparently Apple will also have a cash investment in the new plant although what figure isn’t known.

Giving that the new plant won’t be producing LCD panels until the 2nd half of 2011 it is doubtful they will be producing for the iPhone 5 but considering the company already has a plant that pushes out 8.55 million LCD panels a month there shouldn’t be any shortage on the cards for some time.

Also what Wray points out is that as the plant is to produce LCD panels for the iPhone it would appear that there will be no change over to a Super AMOLED display with the iPhone in the foreseeable future. So looks like all iPhone units will stick with LCD and probably the reason the Apple iPad 2 won’t have an AMOLED display either as reported (here).

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