Angry Birds 1-11 Video: How To Get 3 Stars

Okay we have another Angry Birds tutorial for those iPhone users who may be experiencing some issue in achieving 3 stars in Angry Birds 1-11, so we have an Angry Birds how too video for your viewing pleasure below shown on the Apple iPad.

The video comes our way courtesy of Mahalo and lasts just over a minute of Jason McIntyre showing all you iPhone and iPad toting gamers just how it should be done with a single red Angry Bird no less.

Personally I’m not too sure why people would have a problem completing these levels on their iPhone or Apple iPad as they seem fairly easy to me, but if there are tutorials hitting the net that shows you how to accomplish the feat, then there must be a call for them, right?

Now I haven’t had any problems with completing most of the lower levels in Angry Birds on Android and the iPhone version doesn’t look that difficult to me, so do iOS users actually require a video tutorial on how to gain 3 stars with Angry Birds? Not that I’m calling iOS Angry Birds gamers dumb or anything.

Anyway you can check out how to gain 3 stars on Angry Birds 1-11 by heading on down and mashing that play button, and like the previous video we posted (here), the end show numerous links to other Angry Birds tutorial videos if you need them…enjoy.


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