3UK The One Plan Changes Explained

In the mobile arena data is considered big business and there has been quite a bit of debate on data usage by smartphones during the last year with customers wanting more data allowance while mobile carriers want to keep reducing data allowance, but 3UK believes that have come up with the answer.

Marc Allera of 3UK blog is talking about their The One Plan which was launched back in July and is making a change to the plan whereby they will remove the 1GB data cap and replacing that allowance with what they are called “All-you-can-eat Data.”

Three UK says it’s not like any other data plan and “there are no restrictions and no crafty ‘fair usage’ policies containing hidden data caps,” and that they are “leaving behind the ‘old mobile’ world of limits and allowances in favour of a new world that gives you the freedom to use your smartphone to do everything it was designed for without the worry of cost.”

According to the article their new world has no data restrictions so the customer can use as much or as little as they like and 3UK will never charge the customer and extra. The new All-you-can-eat Data on The One Plan is for upgrading or new customers and even customers that are part way through their existing contracts.

So basically with the All-you-can-eat Data on The One Plan from 3UK the customer pays once and then can gobble up as much data as they like, but is for only customers on The One Plan and not any other 3UK tariff but you can opt to change over to the new plan anytime; sounds fairly reasonable to me.

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