Smartphone Malware on the Increase

World leader in mobile security, AdaptiveMobile has announced during 2010 the number of reports of mobile malware infections on Smartphones has been the highest ever and up 33 percent on the previous year.

According to an article by Realwire, looking at mobile malware year on year, malware that has been engineered towards the Android platform has risen four-fold throughout the year; having said that, the total number of exploits on Android remains relatively low when compared with other platforms.

Apparently the rise is attributed to cyber criminals targeting the platforms and technologies that are more than likely to be the most widespread over the coming years.

It appears that smartphones that run Java apps saw the biggest increase in reports of malware which was up 45 percent on 2009 while apparently reports on exploits on the popular Apple iPhone fell, and exploits reported on the new Symbian platform also declined by 11 percent.

AdaptiveMobile chief operating officer, Gareth Maclachlan has said…“With the increasing pervasiveness of Smartphone devices, 2010 has undoubtedly been the year that fraudsters have truly turned their attention to mobile platforms. The vast majority of consumers are acutely aware of the threats that PC-based viruses, spam messages and phishing emails pose, but many are still unaware of the risks associated with their mobile devices.”

Sounds fairly ominous don’t it, so have any of our readers experience a malware attack on their Android device, iOS device, or Symbian device? If so feel free to let us know by posting to our comments area below. Personally I can’t say I have with my Android smartphone, so I guess I’m lucky.

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