Apple iPad Dragon Hunter 2 HD App Now Available

For all you iOS gaming fans out there that enjoy a bit of RPG action Gameloft has now released the sequel to Dragon Hunter, Dragon Hunter 2 HD for the Apple iPad running iOS 3.2 or above.

The new Dragon Hunter 2 HD game for the Apple iPad features and exclusive co-op multiplayer mode which enables the game to be played in a group of up to four gamers or as a single player campaign, and multiplayer action can be achieved online via local wireless, Bluetooth or WiFi.

Dragon Hunter 2 HD for the Apple iPad delivers the same addictive hack and slash gaming experience as the original but features a new save system and finely tuned controls along with a world five times larger with more areas, more quests, and more enemies along with three levels of difficulty.

The gamer can choose between three character classes along with two specialisations whilst improving your character with a multitude if different skills along with numerous weapons, and hundreds of unique items to collect.

Dragon Hunter 2 HD is available for download right now to your Apple iPad by hitting up iTunes and commands a price tag of £5.99 or $9.99.


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