Verizon Stops Best Buy Offering Droid 2 Global and Pro?

If you are in the market for picking up an Android based Motorola Droid 2 Global or a Motorola Doid Pro smartphone and have been thinking about getting the smartphone from Best Buy then don’t waste your time as both devices have been pulled from Best Buy shelves.

The reason? Well according to an article over on Engadget Mobile by Chris Ziegler, Best Buy has issued what they are officially terming a “recall” of Droid 2 Global and Droid Pro handsets according to numerous tipsters.

However apparently the word is that Verizon has halted activations of both smartphone being sold at Best Buy stores because Best Buy is offering the devices at a too low price, namely $50 and $100 on contract, which apparently breaks an agreement between the Big Red and the yellow tag company, presumably due to affecting Verizon store sales.

So basically Best Buy sells both devices at a low price and undercuts Verizon so Big Red stores don’t sell as many, thus Verizon pulls the plug. So if you are looking for one of these handsets then you’ll need to look somewhere other than Best Buy for now.

What are our readers views on this, should Verizon have pulled the plug of the Droid 2 Global and Droid Pro at Best Buy because Best Buy was giving customers a better price, or do you think Verizon was right to put a block on it?


2 thoughts on “Verizon Stops Best Buy Offering Droid 2 Global and Pro?”

  1. mntorres says:

    I was at Best Buy for an hour waiting on line, literally, for their wonderful customer service associate to finally help me and as I am ringing up my soon-to-be purchas for the Droid 2 Global the manager stops the transaction and says "we cant sell Droid 2 or Pro" they couldnt even activate it. I was tweecked!! I have been waiting for months for a new phone. SO what that BestBuy undersells Verizon, they wont $100 more upfront and then you have to wait 3 months to get your money back. Make it an instant rebate people might shop there. Or screw the whole fake rebate, just make it the price youll ulitimately pay anyway. besides the fact we all know it costs like $5 to make the phone anyway.

  2. SRS says:

    I guess I was a lucky one and just happened to go by a Best Buy Mobile and saw the price….BINGO…i paid the $49 and had it activated immediately. I didn't get over on Verizon because they certainly will get it back. Still $49 !! SWEET

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