Apple Boots Out WikiLeaks iOS App

A few days ago the Wikileaks app for iOS devices became available for download from iTunes, however it appears that Apple isn’t too pleased with the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad app and has thus give the app the order of the boot.

According to an article over on Pocket-lint by Paul Lamkin, and by way of Techcrunch, Apple has now banned the unofficial WikiLeaks app from the app store only a couple of days after it became available so if you didn’t grab it you can’t now.

Apparently the WikiLeaks iOS app was being used to brag in cash for the WikiLeaks cause with $1 of its price of $1.99 being donated to the cause, and was selling WikiLeaks content which is basically available for free.

Also over the last couple of weeks PayPal, Amazon, Visa and Mastercard have disassociated themselves with WikiLeaks and it appears Apple has taken the same route. Whether the WikiLeaks actually violated the App Store terms of service is unknown but Apple’s iTunes store team did send the developer an email stating the app had been “Removed From Sale.”

So what do our readers think of Apple kicking the WikiLeaks app from the App Store, is Apple right to remove it or should it have been left alone?

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