Apple iPhone 4 Christmas Commercial

Looks like Apple is getting into the Christmas spirit this festive season by releasing a new television advert for their iconic iPhone 4, and of course we have that advert for your viewing pleasure below which lasts the usual 30 seconds.

The iPhone 4 Christmas advert is called “Under The Covers,” and comes our way courtesy of Rene Ritchie of TiPb and by way of Apple’s YouTube page and in the advert a father presumably, dons the Santa Claus gear and does a little Santa act for his son via the iPhone 4 FaceTime feature.

All very festive and set to Christmas music, the would-be Santa is even in his workshop as the boy dives under the covers to speak with the Yuletide giver of presents, although I have no idea why one would duck under the covers.

Anyway, the advert is very fitting considering the time of year so for a touch of festive flavour advertising head on down, mash that play button and enjoy.


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