Nokia N8 Replaces DSLR for Magazine Cover Shoot: Video

If you are inclined to think that the buzz about the Nokia N8 camera is all hype even though the Nokia N8 has shot the rather profession The Commuter movie, it appears that at least one fashion magazine has decided to opt to use the Nokia N8 for a cover shoot.

The whole cover shoot experience was of course captured on video and we have that video for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Jay Montano over at My Nokia Blog and by way of GSMArena, which lasts almost ten minutes.

The magazine in question is Pix Magazine of South Africa and decided to swap a DSLR camera for the Nokia N8 for their December /January cover shoot and is apparently a world’s first.

So if you fancy tagging along with the models and tech guys to find out just how well the Nokia N8 does and any hurdles the smartphone has to overcome, head on down, mash that play button sit back and enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Nokia N8 Replaces DSLR for Magazine Cover Shoot: Video”

  1. Vulcan says:

    If you go and look at the Pix Magazine previous two covers taken with DSLRs (at their site three last are shown), the tonality of the N8 is way better, the quality is really good. Ok, the photographer is also skilled!

  2. Jore Puusa says:

    Now when Nokia proves to be a good camera in a studio, those skillful guys in South Africa should take it out to slums there and try to make some reportage of poor people with expensive phone. That could be really interesting video to see.

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