Would or did you buy Google Nexus S via Carphone Warehouse?

As you probably know the latest smartphone being pushed out from the Google guys camp is the Samsung made Android 2.3 Gingerbread toting Google Nexus S smartphone which has been available for a few days now other than in the UK as Carphone Warehouse has announced a delay until the 22nd of this month, you can read about that (here).

However on checking the Carphone Warehouse home page the Google Nexus S advert states that stock has now arrived so perhaps you can pick up the latest Android device right now or at least your can order the smartphone which Carphone Warehouse is offering for free on pay monthly at £30 a month or for £429.95 puls a £10 top up on Pay As You Go.

I’m pretty sure you all know what the Google Nexus S handsets offer the customer but just in case you’ve forgotten, you get a 4 inch Super AMOLED touch screen, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, WiFi hotspot capability, NFC payment tech, Android Market access of course, 5 megapixel auto-focus camera, and front facing camera, 16GB memory and the latest Android OS.

If you are in the market for the Google Nexus S this festive season you’’ll most like want to check out a video review of the device before rushing off to purchase just so you have an idea what you are getting so you can find a video review of the Google Nexus S below courtesy of the guys over at Intomobile.

But what we would like to know is if you have managed to get hold of the Google Nexus S what you personally think of the device and if it lives up to all the hype, or if you are considering purchasing the Nexus S why you think the smartphone is the best device for you, and you can post your opinions to our comments area below…many thanks in advance.


6 thoughts on “Would or did you buy Google Nexus S via Carphone Warehouse?”

  1. Chaos Theory says:

    I ordered my Nexus S yesterday from the Carphone Warehouse, and am hoping it was delivered to my home address today – if not then tomorrow.
    My reason for ordering it? I currently have the living nightmare that is otherwise known as the Nokia N97 where I can't even receive or send a single text message without clearing my cache, to name but one significant problem (and believe me there are many more!).
    Why the Nexus S rather than the iPhone4? Am keen to avoid Apple and all that entails, plus looking forward to easy integration with Google Maps, Gmail etc

  2. David says:

    I got my mine yesterday at the Oxford Street Carphone Warehouse, I got the first one they told me they only had 20. Loving that I don’t have an IPhone! Wish I could get the Tech 21 case, but sold out online…and you really need a case for it.

  3. Chaos Theory says:

    Well, ordered in the shop in the City on Monday, delivered Wednesday. Having come from an N97, this is like a dream, everything is so easy. Have just wirelessly synced my Outlook calendar to my Gmail calendar for the first time in about a tenth of the time it was taking me every morning to sync my N97 with it's dodgy well-publicised wired connection point. Loving Google and their products at the moment I have to admit.

  4. cyberws says:

    Got a Nexus S from local store on Christmas Eve, was the first they had sold of the two that had arrived that morning. My first new phone since N95. Very impressed with phone, colours are extremely vivid and OS is fast and responsive. Received OTA (Over the air) update to Android 2.3.1 on Christmas day. Would have liked SD card slot but can live without it. Liked that I could upload my contacts on Gmail website from laptop and they were synched to phone.

  5. hochoc says:

    I am writing from Berlin. I would like to buy Google Nexus S unlocked. But I think it is not available on Carphone Warehouse. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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