Samsung E1170 KAI Black Under Four Pounds: Merry Christmas

We have some great news if you are looking for a simple phone and if you do not wish to spend a lot of money on a mobile phone, so how does £3.75 sound to you?

Yes, for only £3.75 you can have the Samsung E1170 KAI mobile phone in black. The handset is for those that cannot be putting up with smartphone technology, it is a simple phone that works well with its basic features and functions.

The main specifications include a 1.52-inch screen supporting 65K colors, integrated hands free speaker, 16MB of internal memory, stores 200 contact details, 10.5 hours talk time, 830 hours standby time, Dual Band browser and GSM 900/1800 connectivity.

On a positive side the Samsung E1170 KAI is very easy to use indeed and sending of messages cannot be simpler, on the negative side it does not come with a camera and does not feature an MP3 player.

Overall this phone is very cheap, simple to use and for only £3.75 what more could you ask for. If you decide to purchase this handset you will need to buy £10.00 airtime, so total cost is £13.75. Not bad hey?

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One thought on “Samsung E1170 KAI Black Under Four Pounds: Merry Christmas”

  1. Unhapy says:

    I bought one of these specifically to use the mobile tracker but could not.

    I couldn’t create an account on their create account website as it would not accept passwords. Their support folks say it is nothing to do with them but admitted they were updating their website, that was a month ago. It still won’t accept passwords. Support suggested contacting the website team, because they obviously couldn’t be bothered to do that themselves and help a customer. On their UK website the website team email address doesn’t work, nor does their 1-800 number.

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