Apple Kicked Wikileaks App But it’s Doing Okay on Android

Wikileaks is a somewhat controversial matter, and Apple has taken the stand that they do not want a Wikileaks app on their iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad and has thus booted the Wikileaks app from the App Store, we reported on this (here) but it appears that Android isn’t so fussy.

According to an article over on The Inquirer, Google does not have any issue in pushing out Wikileaks related applications and apparently there are 6 Wikileaks application available to download from the Android Market for Android smartphone users.

I checked the Android Market via AppBrain which shows Android apps available to download as being “Wikileaks US Embassy Cables” a free app, “Wikileaks Talk” again free,” Wikileaks” a new app for $1.99, “Wikileaks Cables (Donate)” for $1.50 and “Wikileaks Secret cables” for $1.36.

Some of these Android apps deliver direct access to the Wikileaks cables and 1 app alerts users as to when a new document is leaked from the Wikileaks repository.

The CTO of the US Cyber Consequences Unit, John Bumgarner has issued a warning that with Apple kicking out the Wikileaks app and basically siding with the US government they risk getting targeted by hacktivists who wish to defend Wikileaks.

Apparently according to a report by Reuters, anonymous members have been hitting Twitter with such tweets as “This is exactly why I would never purchase an iOS device” and “more Apple censorship.”

So what are our readers thoughts on this Wikileaks apps matter, do you think Apple was right to boot out the Wikileaks iOS app or do you think it’s right for Android to still offer Wikileaks apps?


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