Apple iPhone 4 Q1 Shipments Upped with CDMA Model

The year isn’t quite yet out, and most are looking forwards in the hopes that the Verizon iPhone will quickly hit the Big Red network, and we have a little info on the CDMA iPhone for North America today along with word that Apple has upped their Q1 shipments for the iPhone 4.

According to an article over on Phone Arena, based on Taiwanese supplier reports Digitimes is saying that iPhone 4 shipment targets have been upped from 19 million to 20 to 21 million for Q1 and that sources say include 5 to 6 million CDMA iPhone units for Asia Pacific and North America.

Now obviously the mention of North America and the CDMA iPhone leads one to believe Verizon but with only 6 million CDMA iPhone 4 units being shared with Asia Pacific it doesn’t seem enough for a full on Verizon iPhone launch does it?

Still it does imply that a CDMA iPhone is heading to North America in Q1 so if not Verizon then who else? Of course there is a chance that all the CDMA iPhones will end up in China, but then why say North America?

Something to think about isn’t it, so what do our readers think, is roughly 3 million CDMA iPhone handsets enough for the launch of the Verizon iPhone if it comes in Q1?

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