Verizon iPhone Promoted by Skype?

The other day Skype leaked a document touting Skype video conferencing for the Apple iPhone and hastily removed the documentation as rumours began; however apparently that document is now back online and also promoted the Verizon iPhone.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac by Seth Weintraub, the document now has another company aboard, namely the Big Red. The Verizon and Skype logos appear side by side with a question below “Skype for iPhone please tell me how to place a video call.”

Yep a bit of stretching the imagination, but you do have Verison, iPhone and Skype all in the same post so it could well hit at the Verizon iPhone making an appearance soon, but if the iPhone isn’t coming to Verizon why have the Verizon logo there?

Apparently Skype is also bringing an Apple iPad version of their software out to play at some point as well according to Skype Support”Even though the iPhone application is fully compatible with the iPad, we’re still always striving to bring the best to our Skype users, which is why we’re developing a Skype application designed specifically for the iPad. Watch the website for further updates.”

So there you have it, your daily dose of Verizon iPhone and Apple iPad rumours, just to keep you all happy this festive season, make of them what you will.

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