Samsung Epic Android 2.2 Froyo Update Delayed

If you are an owner of the Samsung Epic 4G smartphone that has been patiently waiting for the Android 2.2 Froyo update to drop into your lap and have heard the rumours that the update had been delayed and would arrive on the 26th of December, you can stop checking because it isn’t coming.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of Brief Mobile, the official word has come down that Samsung Epic owners won’t be getting the Android 2.2 Froyo update as expected in December but has been shoved over to January.

Apparently reports have stated that Android 2.2 Froyo for the Samsung Epic 4G is “on hold” and will be released “sometime in the near future.”

Which basically means you won’t be downloading Android 2.2 Froyo to your Samsung Epic 4G this side of the New Year, which is par for the course with Samsung and their Android updates, still hopefully it will become a New Years present and not delayed yet again.


26 thoughts on “Samsung Epic Android 2.2 Froyo Update Delayed”

  1. Michael says:

    Wow, the sprint smartphone , that is stupid. Why did I get this phone with all of the hype. 4g, sucks, no 2.2, limited bluetooth. But, I paid more thae ln an,apple iphone 4g. Am I stupid,yup.

  2. Many people are blaming samsung…what about sprint? This is the same crap they piled with the HTC Hero…HTC handed then the rom and it took sprint FOREVER to roll out the update…promise after promise rwgarding the actuall date came and went time after time…

  3. Jon says:

    That is fine, I am returning mine for another that has JAVA embedded in it which means any other phone on the market. I really needed the Java and was promised it would come but After a nasty ass call to sprint and being a customer there for 14 years, I am getting something that will work. I can keep the phone but you can have it for 249.00… Just saying

  4. Hopeless Epic Owner says:

    I don't know what's worse: Companies who don't service their current product line up, or dozens of websites that copy content from each other without a thought of vetting the lead first…..

  5. mad says:

    I am so mad right now. I cannot stand this. If Samsung and Sprint are going to wait this long to release froyo, they better just give us gingerbread in january, because at this point, I won’t even be happy to get froyo. I have been holding back from rooting my phone, thinking that it would be nice to do everything by the book, but my phone has some of the best hardware on the market right now, and still gets under one thousand on quadrant standard. And if I didn’t want the full web, I could have just kept my lg rumor and bought a data plan.

    This is outrageous. Samsung and Sprint should just give up trying to make touch wiz and Sprint Football work on froyo and just release froyo vanilla. Sprint apps could then just be optional apps downloadable from the market by Sprint customers only. I cannot stand any of them anyway, and touchwiz doesn’t make anything better; it just changes things. Or if anything, they could release froyo as it came out and

  6. still mad says:

    Update. It later to accept touchwiz and the sprint applications. The epic is a great phone, but I am coming to realize that it is a terrible phone to own. Samsung’s plan of infesting the market with galaxy s’s was a great one, but when they also flooded the market with zero support for their product, I do believe they sealed their own coffins. With the reputation for updating that they have received for their lack of support, it is only a matter of time before they turn into the phone-world’s equivalent of the infamous Dell. Samsung is going to have to make some major changes in their service within the next few months if they ever wish to stay in the running as a top android phone manufacturer. As it is, they are famous for making ANDROID phones, not touchwiz phones. Consumers need to start requiring from their phone manufacturers guaranteed updates to any version of android that the phone can physically support.

  7. RuzzT says:

    You know what, Samsung can suck it! I bought the Epic on release and have been waiting for Froyo ever since. I'm tired of deleting apps that I use just so the OS can have it's paltry 500 MBs. I didn't even get a cheap/free/extra phone like the deals going on now. Samsung, get your SH!T together and release Froyo for the Epic or I guarantee I'll be dumping this "smart" phone for another manufacturer.

  8. Damon says:

    All I can say is wow! People aren’t getting froyo yet, and thus already bashing the phone. People tend to forget that the epic (as well as the evo) are two of the top phones out to date! But both come with minor flaws that people really need not cry about. Evo on 2.2.1 while epic is on 2.1, only difference being flash and app2sd. That’s not enough to say that the epic is garbage. “The evo has a bigger screen by .3 inches!” That’s nice, and space size is good, but keep in mind that the epics screen is damn near flawless and often compared to the iphones retina display. Also with the fact that both evo and epic run the same pixelrate, the slightly smaller screen makes it more crisp. Both the evo and epic have processors running at 1ghz. Keep in mind however that the hummingbird slays the dragon. What is smooth on epic is slightly choppy on the evo. Both phones will have its pros and cons. And keep in mind. Some phones out there are still on android 1.6 or 2.0, so let’s be fortunate for what we have.

    1. Mark says:

      Screw that. I've been paying $10 a month for 4G service I don't have, and for data I don't use. There's far more to 2.2 than flash support and the ability to put apps on the SD card.
      I frankly don't think it's Sprints fault. None of the U.S. based carriers have upgraded to 2.2 yet. It's Samsung, and I was warned before I got the phone, but thought things would be different with the Galaxy S 'flagship' models. Boy, was I wrong.
      I owned an Evo, and it was upgraded to 2.2 five months ago. Five months ago! This is such a load of Samsung…

    2. Tired of Waiting says:

      I just want to be able to use my bluetooth headset to issue voice commands and the capability to move apps that support doing so to the sd card. Both of these things require froyo.

      I have been a loyal Sprint wireless customer since the company started back when it was Sprint PCS. It's not about bashing the phone, it's about being able to use it to the fullest.

      I don't put music on my phone so I have a lot of sd space, but I am running out of internal space. From a safety standpoint when driving, being able to use the bluetooth to issue voice commands is essential. I need this update. I hope they provide it soon.

  9. Anonymous says:

    You all are whiny kids, seriously…take a good look at yourself: you are crying about a subtle improvement update for an already technologically advanced phone. People with real concerns complain about how they are dying of famon or disease, but even then I dont think they bitch as much as you people! Get it together

  10. Mayford5 says:

    Thank you for some perspective Damon. Some people need some. I am angry as well but they need to stop the stupid blame crap. If they put out froyo an it didn't work correctly then they would be complaining about that as well. Get happy people and stop all the friggin crying you big winy babies.

  11. IamSamm says:

    Honestly… I'm pretty content with my Epic as it is… in fact, if I were to upgrade to froyo, for me it would be taking a couple of steps backwards.. My Epic is stable, does exactly what I want it to… yes, yes, I know about some of the bells and whistles that froyo has, and when it does come out, will probably end up going to it, but not before it's been out for a good while… I never jump on a new release of anything, they usually are just too buggy,…. I let others work out the bugs before I consider doing an upgrade.

  12. Brock says:

    Absolutely ridiculous that people are bashing Samsung and Sprint. I have over 16 pages of Apps on my phone with still 114 MB let on my internal memory. My phone continues to run flawlessly. As far as I'm concerned you can keep your early updates to 2.2. My touchwiz runs great on 2.1. I would rather have a clean crisp 2.2 then a choppy update that does nothing more than cause glitches, because they released it early. And if it is that big of a necessity for you to have 2.2 then you should really learn how to start writing software 🙂 maybe you would do a better job, or for that matter maybe you should root :-). Don't act like you know if you have no idea.

  13. dps says:

    Good points, but it is like you are going to get a new toy on Christmas morning and then no you are not. Everybody is little kid at heart when it comes to their toys.
    One more thing people are forgetting that it is not Samsung; it is their carrier (Sprint) with all their add ons and lock ups which is delaying the update. I sure hope that Sprint ia not addding stupid Sprint ID stuff on the Epic.

  14. Kenneth says:

    I am new to Sprint and Epic. I love both so far. I don't know what FROYO or GINGERBREAD are compared to what I have or what makes them better. However, I can say that Android rocks!!!!! Blackberry is never the way to go…..Just saying.

  15. LMAO says:

    Wow – folks, life's too short… First off – Sprint never said that they were releasing on 26 December – folks just saw their tweet around the 5th when the test version of 2.2 was posted by some partner developers… they said it would be ~3 weeks – so folks added 21 to 5 and got "26 Dec is the date!!" Too funny! So, when this un-official date isn't hit – folks freak out… Tho – keep it coming – laughter is a good thing…

  16. Jeremy says:

    I believe it is entirely reasonable for epic owners to have expected 2.2 now, really to the point of class action. Sales would’ve been nill if advetised with 2.2 in 2011. The final insult will b when evo gets 2.3 before epic gets 2.2

    For now, I did the dk28 plunge to get 2.2, with bugs and all. Guess I will keep it for now and never ever buy samsung again. Just read about there new itouch killer which is coming with 2.2 installed. Wow.

  17. froyo_is_important says:

    Android does not support voice dialing over bluetooth until 2.2 Froyo. That makes all Samsung Epic phones illegal to use in many states in the USA while driving. It is not a legal hands free device.

  18. Happy With My Epic says:

    The phone is amazing enough said. People just are crying because other android phones have it and they don't. It isn't a big deal at all, and I would take it any day over an iphone or any other android phone. It's top of the line technology that requires top of the line software, which may take time to create. I guarantee you would all be crying right here if they would have released it and it was buggy. STOP COMPLAINING, YOU WILL GET IT SOON!

  19. No, just no says:

    First of all, I just want to say how fucking dumb sprint is. Their tech support doesn’t even know this shit. I was hung up on after requesting a supervisor… I called them on the 24th and was told that it would be out on the 26th. Now the are denying even saying that in the first place.

    To those of you who are blaming samsung, you need to stop. Samsung has nothing to do with the froyo update anymore. They did what was needed on their end. The whole issue with this update is the fucking idiots at sprint who keep pushing it back.

    I’ve spent 3 hours this morning fighting to speak to a super only to be hung up on. Aren’t the tech support people supposed to be somewhat smart? Why didn’t the one I spoke to know what froyo was? I’ve been with sprint over 10 years and nothing in their tech support department has changed … other then their staff becoming even stupider.

  20. MiaB says:

    Wow!!! I must agree with some of these comment posts. Hoping that when sprint and samsung release the 2.2.1 froyo update that there will be an extra incentive in it that the other smart-phones on the 2.2.1 update. It has been a long time waiting and should have been here like two seconds ago. i owned the evo and even though it was current on software, i was still not happy. it still had lots of problems. So the Epic i went and , i still choose to believe that patients is a Virtue. Continuing to be patient.

  21. matt says:

    I have the Epic and so far I really like it. I think it's a GREAT phone but i do have one question, when we get Froyo wil we be able to change the dock icons on touchwiz?

  22. Hate froyo says:

    I hate this update. Stupid I-phone looking text "balloons", wipes your phones data, can't use your corporate email…and you can't roll it back…like a virus!

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