Apple iPhone may get Behind Logo Antenna

The lesson learnt by Apple with the iPhone 4 is, don’t put the phone’s antenna on the outside, so when it comes to future iPhone handsets where could Apple put the antenna? Well it appears the fruity company may be thinking of placing the antenna behind the Apple logo.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Stefan Constantinescu, and by way of Patently Apple, the iOS giant has filed a patent for placing an antenna behind the logo and apparently makes mention of the iPhone, iPod Touch and notebook computers.

Apparently placing the antenna behind the logo would enable a stronger signal without interference and will be able to transmit and receive radio frequencies through a “dielectric window” in the housing wall which might serve as the logo.

Also apparently this is the third patent filing to do with antennas from Apple in 2010, so it does look like Apple is working on changing the antenna design that the iPhone 4 bought so much controversy over. So what do you think, logo antenna a good idea or not?

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