iPhone Beer Delivery by Cannon: Video

Now this has got to be for the beer swilling couch potato that owns an iPhone who simply can’t be bothered to get up and collect their can of beer from the fridge, and no doubt there are many who’d love to own what is show in the video below.

The video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog and by way of YouTube user Personalbeerrobot, and the video footage is of an iPhone controlled mini fridge which launches cans of beer at the user.

The video lasts just over a minute and shows how the user can get a cold beer from the mini fridge without the need to get up. Apparently everything is controlled by iobridge via a web based iPhone interface and cuts out the need for lazy sods to get up and grab a beer.

Features include vending four types of beer, temperature broadcast, adjustable temperature via your iPhone, web cam targeting, and auto-tweet video per shot, oh and of course lots of practice as a cold beer can in the face may hurt a little.

So there you go, now slap that play button and realise just how lazy you could become if all you need do is sit on the couch and tell your iPhone to fly over a cold beer…enjoy.

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