Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept Video

There have been a few rumours flying about that Nokia may move away from the Symbian operating system and plump for the Windows Phone 7 platform on future Nokia smartphones, as previously mentioned (here).

So what would a Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset look like? Well what we have for your viewing pleasure today is a short video of a Nokia Windows Phone 7 concept device which comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of WMPoweruser.

The Nokia Windows Phone 7 concept video lasts just 23 seconds and delivers a few shots of the concept design from Mind Sailors, a Polish design studio presumably so we can all see what a Nokia branded WP7 smartphone would look like.

Obviously Nokia hasn’t gone official on their stance with switching to Microsoft’s latest operating system and maybe it is all just a rumour, but what do our readers think? Should Nokia take up with Windows Phone 7 for future devices?

Perhaps you think Nokia would be better off going with Android or even staying with Symbian and MeeGo, whatever your views we’d like to know them so feel free to voice your opinions on Nokia and their operating system preferences in our comments area below.


4 thoughts on “Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept Video”

  1. theRew says:

    Nokia should go with MeeGo for the top phones and Android or the rest, as then they will be on Linux for both platforms, maybe then they could form a super platform out of MeeGo and Android on Linux. If, what has already been said about MeeGo, then Nokia should concentrait on that. What was Simbian 4 going to be? would it be good enough for lesser phones, while MeeGo caters for top end phones, mobile computers and the rest of what MeeGo is projected to do?

    Iff Nokia go to Windows, I for one, will go else where for my next device..

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