Android Honeycomb Tablet Coming from Nokia?

Nokia has recently been rumoured to be considering going with the Windows Phone 7 operating system for future smartphones, and in the past Nokia has said they wouldn’t go with the Android platform for their smartphones, but a tablet isn’t a smartphone is it.

According to an article over on Slash Gear by way of Android Community, a report from Digitimes makes mention that Nokia has been working alongside Android OS maker Google with a view to pushing out a Nokia tablet running Android Honeycomb.

Apparently Google has been bypassing notebook makers and giving preference to brand name smartphone manufacturers that have support for the Android Honeycomb tablet operating system which includes Nokia Motorola, HTC and LG.

Also the word is said Honeycomb device could well see launch in the 1st half of next year. Naturally it’s all just rumour at the moment as I’m fairly sure neither Google nor Nokia have made any comment of a supposed Nokia branded Android Honeycomb slate.

So what do our readers think about a Nokia Android tablet, would you purchase one if it ever appears? Fell free to shout out your opinions to our comments area below.

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