Apple iPad 2011 Coming in 3 Models?

There have been several rumours doing the rounds over the next generation Apple iPad, a device which some have tagged the Apple iPad 2, and we have another rumour doing the rounds to add to that mix today, a rumour in the form of there will be 3 types of Apple iPad 2 coming in 2011.

The latest rumour being reported by Marc Flores of Intomobile is that Digitimes is claiming there will be three versions of the iPad, with combinations of WiFi, UMTS and CDMA.

That CDMA version could possible be heading for Verizon Wireless to play nice alongside the Verizon iPhone at some point as the Big Red already offer the Apple iPad bundled with their data plan mobile hotspot, so getting a CDMA version doesn’t seem too far fetched does it.

Apparently Apple iPad 2 shipping will start in January with figures being quotes at 500,000 to 530,000 with production being ramped up after to reach roughly 40 million units in 2011.

Word also has it that Apple is working on beefing up the Apple iPad 2 anti-reflective and anti-smudge tech so the device can challenge the likes of the Kindle and grab more customers according to an unnamed source.

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