No Verizon iPhone at CES 2011 as its All about Android

If you were expecting the Verizon iPhone to be unveiled during CES 2011 you are going to be disappointed and apparently the CDMA iPhone will not show up at the event as Verizon is planning on concentrating on Android.

According to an article over on Online Social Media, Verizon Wireless has posted an official statement to their website that says they will deliver a “sneak peek of Android-based 4G LTE consumer devices at CES 2011.”

Having said that, one doesn’t really expect the Big Red to announce beforehand the possibility of the iconic iPhone coming to their network as no doubt they would keep that as a show stopping surprise, so there’s always a chance it could happen however unlikely.

An article over on Phone Dog by Alex Wagner seems to confirm that Verizon’s CES event will be Android only and speculates that Apple will hold a Verizon iPhone reveal event of their own after CES 2011 and apparently Business Week agrees and says the unveiling of the Verizon iPhone will happen sometime before St Valentines Day, February 14th.

So there you have it, although speculation it looks like we still have a little wait ahead before finally seeing the iPhone come out to play on the Verizon network

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