HTC EVO 4G Experiencing Issues after Update

Not too long ago the HTC EVO 4G gained a minor maintenance update from Sprint which brought to the HTC EVO 4G such things as improved Sprint TV, Blockbuster, the Scan Now Widget and the Swype keyboard, but apparently along with that update comes a few issues.

According to an article over on Phone Arena, a tipster has alerted them to several HTC EVO 4G owners complaining of issues after the update. Apparently one smartphone owner has said that their EVO 4G was fine until the firmware update such as failure to stay connected to a WiFi signal, lag issues and shorter battery life.

Others are complaining of notifications not showing as they previously did, another user has found the device’s speakerphone turns on when the handset is place to the ear while another complains of his SD cad un-mounting itself between 4 and 6 times daily.

Apparently others are saying that when connected to WiFi their HTC EVO 4G drops its internet connect. Thus far there has been no official word on these issues from HTC or Sprint, but hopefully a fix will be released in the not too distant future.

So do any of our readers use an HTC EVO 4G and have experienced any of thee issues since gaining the firmware update? If so feel free to let us know by posting to our comments area below.


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  1. GeneralMusings says:

    What I would like is the ability to remove the bloatware crap (i.e Blockbuster, Sprint TV, Sprint Football, etc.) forced on to my phone. I paid good money for the phone and the service plan. I do NOT feel that I should have to deal with useless apps that I will never use taking up the limited internal storage available on the phone which can NEVER be removed (without routing my phone).

  2. Steven says:

    I immediately noticed a drastic slowdown in both phone performance (lag) and battery life. The Scan Now notification is annoying. The only to turn it off is to disable 4G.

  3. Diana says:

    I had great battery life and 4G before the update, now, since the uodate it is so bad that I had to turn off 4G and stay with 3G. I contatced HTC and they completely deny that there is an issue.

  4. Tom says:

    I've had my Evo 4G for several months…went through the update (which took two days because I dodn't have WiFi at my work site, and not a LOT of phone reception at home. BUT…once done, it seems to work fine…several minor irritants, but they are likely operator induced!


  5. Kaffeguy says:

    We updated the EVO 4G since the update and we have not experienced any problems whatsoever here in the Tampa Bay FL. We traveled to the Miami area for the Holidays and everything worked well.

  6. Ellis says:

    I have had the update installed for awhile and have experienced none of the problems mentioned here or any others. The only problem which I have noticed is that the shortcut for HTC Notes is missing from the programs menu. That program is still installed. There is just no shortcut for it on that page.

  7. craig says:

    Htc evo has a mind of its own after update basically sucks now screens jump around wifi doea disconnect internet. Full bars full wifi bars and no data connection hmmm.

  8. Tom says:

    I Just ordered this phone from sprint. hope some of the bad things like internet drop are not true. my first smart phone years ago was a HTC I had allot of trouble with it. if this one turns up with defects like my first one it will be the last HTC I will ever own. BY THE WAY THE FIRST HTC I HAD EAT BATTERY LIFE REAL FAST LIKE THEY SAY THIS ONE DOES. HOPE IM BEING A SUCKER A SECOND TIME.

  9. Bernice says:

    Since the latest update I am experiencing major bugs; such as wifi stops working; I have to turn airplane mode on and off to get wifi working again. Additionally, my evo turns itself on and off by itself. Last night my evo started making clicking noises; I thought it was going to turn itself off again but it did not.

    Anyone else having this issues? I hope htc releases a software update pronto to fix all these issues.

  10. marcial says:

    After the new year my EVO skip to the 3rd of January and the time was 24 hours behind. Had to manualy change everything . Sprint /HTC get ur act together. Ur going to have a lot of angry customers.

  11. Ellyn B says:

    Since the update, my battery drains continually. I would estimate at least 40% faster. I also have intermittently experienced my screen locking me out by not responding to my swipe when the phone rings. Last but not least, it changed my sync settings with Exchange server so that I have duplicate calendar items from both my exchange calendar and my Google calendar .HTC told me that they had not heard of any update related issues and told me to do a hard reset. I went from loving my ohone to wanting to toss it against a wall.

  12. ambermt says:

    since updating my EVO, I have noticed a drastic slow down in performance. Everything lags and the battery life is also much shorter (which was bad to begin with). I also hate all the new "apps" that have been put on my phone such as Blockbuster and Nova… things that I cannot delete.

  13. Darren T says:

    I called HTC on this last week and they said there have been issues regarding battery life and should have a patch out (new software release) soon to fix the issues that are being seen.

  14. Pat Buckley says:

    Exact same issue with the battery. I have turned off background data, I am not syncing any accounts, running on 3G, etc. I have literally isolated every single possible issue, but my battery life went from going all day with moderate use, to going about 9 hours with little to no use.

    Consistently 85% of the battery is being eaten up by Cell Standby (usually 45%) and Phone Idle (usually 40%). I have a signal the entire time. Time without signal is always 0%. This is without a doubt after firmware update build number 3.70.651.1.

    Other issue I recently noticed. If you are on an EVO running Google Apps for business, it is having a syncing issue. This has happened to 3 EVOs within 3 days this week. Passwords are correct, but it keeps saying the password isn't. Have confirmed this using a PC to login to the accounts.

    Who is responsible? Google, Sprint, or EVO?

  15. John says:

    After this update is have had problems with my phone turning itself off, and will not respond to the power button, forcing me to remove the battery. This seems to be tied to network use. It happens several times a day if I have Skype loaded. Yesterday, it happened in Tampa, Florida, one of the places with working 4G. When I enabled this service and it connected. I had to pull off the road and, again, remove the battery and reboot the phone. It was then ok for the day.

    These reboots occur randomly, several times a day. Usually, they present themselves when you pick the phone up and it is just like it is bricked. This is very annoying, as your phone if off without warning. From a business perspective, unacceptable and unreliable as a communication device.

    I have owned and loved this phone since it came out. I lucked into one on the first day of release. I have had buggy apps, of course. But, no major reliability issues. HTC, please fix this problem ASAP!

    1. Michelle says:

      I am having the same problem. It has been a nightmare. I have been experiencing the phone turning on and off when I am on the internet, I use it as a hotspot, or as I am using the gps! It is when I really need it and it just starts to violently shut on and off. It did the whole night last Friday. Killed my battery completely. Went to Spirnt. After 3 hours and 3 days they made me buy a new battery. I am just figuring it out that that is what happened because this morning I wake up it is was charging and the screen is white with the HTC EVO screen and HOT! It had been doing it all night to kill the battery! I have done all the updates like people said. Always mobile on like people said I do have task killer but I have had that since last May, bought the phone in April, and I have not had problems till as of recently. Without fail it has done this every evening all week, I am an online student! Great! Needless to say I have to block out yet another weekend to deal with this! t takes hours! I love this phone but I am pissed.

  16. stc says:

    I updated 3 days ago and now my google email has changed setup and I can't send anything out since then. My battery has gone from 10 hours to 6. It died at 11am this morning! Ahh. In addition, immediately after the update my phone thought the current location was Sarajevo (I'm in northern California) and I couldn't change it.

  17. Dale says:

    Battery life, plain and simple. I had "livable" battery life before the update. Now I have to be plugged in to the point that I might as well have my landline back. With just normal usage (no wifi, no 4G and normal talk) I am lucky to get 3 hours out of a charge before it shuts down for low power. Way less time on a charge than my previous Touch Pro 2.

  18. Serious says:

    Since the update, I'm unable to turn the "typing" sound on the text messages…I also can't change the keyboard. I absolutley hate the new keyboard! Battery life is HORRIBLE. Never had problems before the update!!

  19. DeWayne S. says:

    Two days ago, I was streaming internet radio with no problems. through 3g. Pandora also worked, no problem. After the update, I can no longer stream internet radio whatsoever, and Pandora acts up here and there. I am totally bummed out, this shouldn't happen with updates. Both only work with a WiFi connection, send even that drops. What's the deal Sprint?

  20. Cristie says:

    Since the update, my phone has been in Knoxville Tennessee and Kampala Uganda (just to name a few). I’m on the west coast, so my time was off anywhere from 1-3 hours and displaying the next days date. I have two morning alarms and neither of them went off yesterday. My text messages would show in my inbox being sent to the intended person but be sent to someone else, then after Sprint did another update my text messages disappeared after they showed up in notifications. I updated contacts and deleted some but when I replaced the battery they reappeared. Generally I go through 1-2 batteries per day but now I am up to 3, so battery life has decreased. I’m going to go back to Sprint and have them downgrade my software. Any other suggestions?

  21. Ray H says:

    I had no problems before the update, but after I have had problems with Bluetooth. Problems include random disconnections and Bluetooth shutdown. Generally it is necessary to reboot the phone to get it to discover other Bluetooth devices. The Phone before the update would sync perfectly with my Audi Q5 MMI system, now it crashes when a data transfer start to copy the contact list from the phone. Generally, the disconnect happens in about 2 minutes. If I could shut down the transfer process it would stay connected, but this is not possible. Please fix this problem! I like the hands free connection to the phone while driving

  22. Thom says:

    I am on my third EVO since the update. The battery life is terrible, the speech to text button comes on all the time, lose more calls, and if you happen to move the phone around it will automatically start to dial different numbers.
    Its nice that Sprint switches the phone out for you, but with each switch I notice more bugs. I am ready for a dependable phone

  23. Justin B says:

    My HTC Evo 4G (I bought about a year and a half ago) keeps dropping it’s wifi signal too, ever since the update.  It’ll stay connected for about.. 5-10 minutes, then suddenly drop it.. and reconnect. It’s very inconvenient when trying to watch movies or download a game that requires WiFi from Gameloft.
    It never did this before the update, and my router reserves it’s IP for the phone so no other wireless device can take it. I’m sure it’s not my router anyways.

  24. jaime vidal says:

    I had my evo 4g  for 9 months and its been 7 days Since I replaced my 4g because my old one the vibrator stop so I got my new one running 2.3.5 Well my vibrator is working but now my wifi sucks I rather have my broken then my wifi and sprint says its fine …. 

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