Windows Phone 7 Market Place Cracked: Video

Apparently there is a security issue with Microsoft’s Windows Phone Market Place which can bypass the DRM of applications and load them onto another smartphone or computer, and what we have for your viewing pleasure today is a proof of concept video on the matter.

The proof of concept video comes our way courtesy of Simon Sage over at Intomobile and by way of WPcentral which can apparently successfully pull any app from the Windows Phone Market Place and remove the security at the touch of a button.

Apparently it works 100% but will not be released to the public nor will any info on how it works will be released and the only two people who have the program are the developer and Microsoft which the developer hopes Microsoft will take quick action to address the security issue.

The developer calls it a “white hat operation” which means they are trying to make the Windows Phone 7 Market Place more secure and are not promoting piracy.

Anyway you can check out the proof of concept of cracking the Windows Phone 7 Market Place by jumping down below and mashing that play button.

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