RIM Refutes Deal over India BlackBerry Monitoring

You may be aware that BlackBerry maker research In Motion is facing problems in India over BlackBerry security as the Indian government wants to monitor BlackBerry device data and has given RIM a deadline to comply of the end of January.

Apparently according to an article in the Economic Times states that the home ministry has suggested RIM install a network data analysis system which would in affect allow the monitoring of every BlackBerry message and email readable by government agencies.

However according to an article over on Slash Gear by way of The Guardian, Research In Motion denies they have delivered backdoor access to the Indian government and says of the claim that it is “false and technologically infeasible.”

Furthermore a spokesperson for RIM told The Guardian “there will be no change to the security model of BlackBerry Enterprise Service.” However the spokesperson did say RIM would allow “lawful access” processes as and when requests for user info is legal.

RIM has again stated they cannot give access to enterprise emails a only the account holder holds the required key to encrypt their messages.

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