Samsung to Replace Nokia as Number One?

Samsung has seen quite a bit of success with their Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, and apparently old Sammy has its eyes on the number one position in the mobile phone arena, a position that is currently held by rival Nokia.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Dusan Belic and by way of Unwired View, a report in the Korea Times Samsung plans on outpacing Nokia in the space of three years with Samsung officials saying that “the next 12 months will be very important,” in accomplishing this feat.

Apparently the Sammy plan includes increasing the percentage of handsets it makes in Vietnam and China next year with Samsung’s 3 Chinese factories accounting for 15 percent while their factory in Brazil will account for 6 percent and their factory in India will produce 5 percent and their Korean factory will account for 14 percent.

However although Samsung thinks it can grab the top spot from Nokia, I don’t think Nokia will simply sit by and let it happen as we have already heard Nokia is looking at Windows Phone 7 for future devices and if Nokia also consider Android then Samsung may have a hard fight on their hands.

The other problem is of course Samsung and their failure to keep customers happy as evidence with the Android 2.2 Froyo update, with Samsung owners not too pleased at the company’s continued failure to deliver, resulting in some customers saying they will not purchase another Samsung device as some of our readers have stated (here)

So what do our readers reckon on Samsung’s chances of knocking Nokia off that number one slot?


One thought on “Samsung to Replace Nokia as Number One?”

  1. Frwer www says:

    Samsung, keep on dreaming… It is nice for Samsung that Galaxy S sells well. But according the latest estimations, Nokia N8 sells even better (already sold 4 million units in 2 months). And Nokia is rushing similar hit phones to market at a very fast pace now. No hope for Samsung's plans to take over the world with these plastic robot toys anytime soon.

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