Apple iPhone 4 ECG System Demo Video

For all you medical minded iPhone 4 users out there we have a video demonstration of an ECG system for the iPhone 4 for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below which features a snap-on accessory and iOS ECG app.

The iPhone 4 ECG System demo video come our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of Lifetone Technology, which lasts almost four and a half minutes of showing the ECG working on the iPhone 4 which will be introduced at CES 2011.

In the video a doctor show you how to operate the iPhone 4 ECG which will apparently also work with the iPod Touch 4G however the casing wouldn’t fit as snugly. Price wise according to the YouTube comments the iPhone 4 ECG case and app costs less than $100.

If you are interested in iPhonECG you are required to register with your email address at alivecor.com. So there you go, if you are into checking on your heart and own an iPhone 4 head on down and check out the demo video…enjoy.

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